Q.1: What is the minimum requirement for evaluation of Root Impact Factor (RIF)?

 Answer: a) At least two issues has been published.

               b) At least 2 articles must have been published in each issue.

 Q.2: How long does the evaluation take?

 Answer: a) Method 1 : 6-7 months.

                 b) Method 2 : 7 days.

Q.3: Is there any cost evaluate RIF?

 Answer: a) Method 1 : Free Service.

                b) Method 2: 1000 INR / 35 USD.

Q.4: How to submit a journal for indexing?

Answer: Click Here to apply for Journal indexing at Rootindexing.

Q.5: Who can submit a journal for indexing?

 Answer: The journal can be submitted by the Publisher or the Editor-in-chief.

Q.6: Which Journals are covered by Root Impact Factor (RIF)?

 Answer: All Areas.

Q.7: Which organisation provides Root Impact Factor (RIF)?

 Answer: Organisation:-Root Society for Indexing and Impact Factor Service

              Website: www.rootindexing.com

For any other queries please contact at: editor@rootindexing.com