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Acta Pharmakon

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    :   Antariksh Katara
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    :   Antariksh Katara
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    :   India
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    :   2455-8508
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    :   ActaPharmakon
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    :   English
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    :   Quarterly
  • Journal Year
    :   2015
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    :   ActaPharmakon, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics
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    :   Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry
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Acta Pharmakon has a wide spectrum for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science which is a basic need for scientific innovation and supplies wide spectrum of knowledge and fundamentals. This field draws on many areas of the Pharmaceutical sciences and other basic sciences such as chemistry (organic, inorganic, physical, biochemical and analytical), biology (anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology), epidemiology, statistics, mathematics and applies their principles to the study of drugs. Mainly related to the group of interdisciplinary areas of study involved with the design, action, delivery, disposition and use of drugs. Study includes technologies developments, inventions, discoveries, medicines, intellectual properties etc. Many fundamental concepts are common to all Pharmaceutical sciences. These shared fundamental concepts further the understanding of their applicability to all aspects of Pharmaceutical research and drug therapy. Acta Pharmkon is an initiation to acknowledge the novel ideas of worldwide researchers and to create a rich and healthy platform to sharing among them. Importantly, as knowledge advances it results to automatic up-gradation of science and research which leads to noble discoveries and inventions to serve mankind.


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