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Journal of Frontier Studies

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    :   Limited Liability Company Scientific Industrial Enterprise “Genesis. Frontier. Science”
  • Chief Editor
    :   Dr. Yakushenkov Sergey Nikolaevich
  • Country
    :   Russia
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  • ISSN (Online)
    :   2500-0225
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    :   JFS
  • Language
    :   Russian and English
  • Frequency
    :   Quarterly
  • Journal Year
    :   1800
  • Keywords
    :   frontier, history, heterotopy, borders, studies
  • Categories
    :   History and Archaeology, Humanities, Literature & Arts, Social Sciences
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    :   CC BY-NC-ND
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In 2015, our journal has been officially registered by the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications (Roskomnadzor) (El № FS77-61330 from 07 April 2015), and we managed to finish the creation of our own journal’s interface, which would allow to fully automate the work of our magazine and website. For the successful functioning of the magazine, we gathered a group of like-minded people from Russian and foreign scientists, who gladly agreed to participate in our project. We strive to ensure that our Journal would perform important research functions – communication and information, which will allow not only to accumulate new achievements in this field, but will also serve as the basis for new discoveries and insights. Given the fact that the original frontier theory was born in the U.S., we felt it necessary to provide our platform to scientists from different countries, thus the second equal language of our journal is English. And in the editorial Board of our magazine are actively involved not only Russian but also foreign scientists, or associated with the study of this problem. The magazine is a periodical published twice a year; do not have the printed version. The journal publishes research articles, reviews, information resources, reports of expeditions, conferences and other scientific materials. Although preference is given to Humanities, however, the editors would welcome articles and scientific and natural character, in varying degrees of relevance to the scientific frontier, as, from our point of view, the frontier is not only a particular historical locus, but it is also a special cultural paradigm manifested in various areas of our life, a certain idea, which finds an echo in different fields of science and human existence. Our journal is a peer-reviewed publication, and all articles before publication are a subject to expert evaluation by leading scientists. However, this does not mean that an article has received criticisms clearly will not be published in our Journal. In some cases, we can publish it with certain reservations or editorial comments. We will try to provide a platform for various opinions and ideas. In addition, we believe that every scholar has the right to voice their own point of view, even if the editorial staff has a different opinion from the author. However, this does not mean that any, submitted to the journal article, to be published in our journal. Any unscientific and not backed up factually article will be rejected by the editors. All articles published in the journal free of charge, but fees are not paid. Editor-in-chief of the journal is professor Sergey Yakushenkov


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